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What is Talktrac?

Talktrac® is an easy to use and secure web-based therapy management solution. 

The software is designed to provide a uniform process for users to monitor and report progress more efficiently and effectively resulting in better data driven decisions for clients.

What are the Benefits?

  • Easy to use
  • Simplifies therapy documentation
  • Provides flexibility to use materials best suited to student/client needs
  • Facilitates more accurate collection of data
  • Provides easy access to data to support therapy decisions
  • Captures observational notes
  • Enhances communication with parents, clients, therapists, educators and supervisors
  • Supports real-time documentation
  • Compatible with mobiles devices
  • And More…………

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Where is Talktrac used?

School Systems

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Private Practices

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 Higher Education 
 Supervisors, Students, and Clients

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Latest News

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  • All in all, this is the best program for progress monitoring that not only benefits me but also the students that I teach!

    Amanda, SLP, Georgia

  • I think the biggest benefit of Talktrac is that it makes data truly useful for planning therapy, and showing the effectiveness of therapy.

    Christine, SLP, New York

  • I feel that the best result of using Talktrac has been my improved use of the student's goals and objectives. I can swiftly take a look and see what goals I have worked on and what needs more work. This feature has helped improve my therapy with the students by having a greater grasp of what and when to target certain objectives. Again, thanks for this great data tool.

    Marsan, SLP, Georgia

  • Talktrac’s support team has been very supportive on every question asked from billing to application support. We’ve been pleased with the product and the service.

    Darla, Computer Services Coordinator, New York

  • When asked if Talktrac has enhanced her speech and language data management and reporting Susan responded: Very much so. Everything is available at the instant you need it. It really is awesome and very, very user friendly.

    Susan, Special Education Director, Georgia

  • The time frame of implementation for us to gather the information, ask questions, complete the spreadsheet and wait for TalkTrac to import our information was about 4-5 days. As for the support, it has been great! They are quick to answer any questions and are very friendly.

    Sherice, IT Director, Georgia

  • Talktrac is user friendly and easy to set up. It also provides detailed progress reports with graphs to outline the students progress towards goals. Any questions about the program or needs are answered quickly and assistance is always available. Talktrac has made note taking and Medicaid billing much easier

    Tiffany, Occupational Therapist, Georgia

  • I am really impressed by the unbelievably quick response time of talktrac to any concern or necessary upgrade. Nothing is ever a problem and is attended to immediately! The ability to carry my IPAD and document during sessions allows me to see which areas need to be addressed work on them right away versus documenting later and seeing the needs after the session.

    Rena, Physical Therapist, New Jersey

  • TalkTrac brings my data collection and therapy materials to the 21st century! It gives more time to focus on my students, when I am providing services face to face or via telepractice.

    Andrea, SLP, North Carolina