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5 Quick Steps SLPs Can Take with Talktrac to Make Them Smile

Data collection for a group therapy session for SLPs in the school setting just
became easier!   Using Talktrac’s NEW Group Therapy Station feature, SLPs can
collect data for up to 6 students at once ALL on one screen.   Regardless of
the speech and language disorder (articulation, language, social communication,
voice, fluency, dysphagia). SLPs can use this time saving feature to collect
student progress whether qualitative or quantitative data with just a few clicks.  
Data collection can be challenging for SLPs depending on the number of students
in the therapy group.  Talktrac makes it easy for SLPs saving them time.   
Therapists using Talktrac can take advantage of this NEW feature today!

5 Quick Steps for SLPs to Collect Data in a Group Therapy:

1.    Select  a therapy group of students
2.    Click on the Group Therapy Station Icon:   
        All students assigned to the therapy group selected will be displayed  
3.    Select the type of data to collect for each student whether qualitative or quantitative
4.    Collect the data for each student on the same screen
5.    Click Save for each student in the group therapy session

Yes!  It is that simple to collect data for up to 6 students within a group therapy session!  

Now that will make you smile!  :-)

Wishing you all the best!


Coming Soon!         
Group Therapy Station for Private Practice and Staffing Agencies
Group Therapy Station for OTs and PTs.