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5 Quick Tips for Teaching Therapy Procedures to School Age Children

5 Quick Tips for Teaching Therapy Procedures to School Age Children Clear Specific Directions – When a child enters your therapy room whether a new or returning client, teaching clear and specific expectations is a must.  Many times we as therapists review our therapy procedures with the children, but do not take the needed time to specifically teach the expectations.  Be clear and specific in your wording when teaching your …Read More

New Year of Products and Tips for Therapists and Parents

Have you every wondered if painter’s tape can help in your therapy room?  Well, the answer is yes!! Check out Kim’s blog at Activity Tailor on “8 Ways to Use Painter’s Tape in the Therapy Room” at http://www.activitytailor.com/8-ways-to-use-painters-tape-in-the-therapy-room/.   Looking for a way to reduce the mess at mealtime for toddlers and make eating interesting. Check out Let’s Talk with Whitney’s blog of reviewing the product EZPZ Happy Mats at …Read More

A New Year Wish

We hope you receive       A year of Laughter with family and friends     A year of Love for your chosen profession     A year of Happiness working with colleagues, families, clients and/or students     A year of Hope in making a difference in the lives of many     A year of Memories seeing your clients and students achieve their goals. Happy New Year Friends! Very Best,Frankie