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Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month: You Make a Difference!

Everyday speech language pathologists make a difference in the lives of their clients!   From helping a child  say  /g/ correctly as in the word gum  to helping a teen respond to a friend appropriately in a social situation to helping a high school student express his wants and needs through use of an assistive technology device to helping an adult reduce choking episodes to helping an adult improve his vocal quality after years of abuse speech language pathologists have a unique skill set to help improve the quality of life for so many. 

Many of our clients, parents and caregivers are so appreciative of the support and help they receive us.  We may receive a gentle smile and/or hand shake, hear the words “Thank you for helping me” or “I can do it” to seeing a sparkle in your clients eyes like none other or seeing tears of gratitude streaming down a clients face for the difference you have made in your clients life.   Once you experience these signs of appreciation from your clients, your life is changed as a therapist.  It is at that moment you truly feel that you do make a difference and you more passionate than before to help your clients reach their full communication potential. 

I encourage you to educate your clients, caregivers/parents, colleagues about the field of speech language pathology and make sure to share your personal client success stories.  We all have made a difference in someone’s life, and we all have powerful success stories to share.  Celebrate and Educate Better Speech and Hearing Month!

It only takes one therapist to change the lives of many forever!

Wishing you a Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month,


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