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Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month: You Make a Difference!

Everyday speech language pathologists make a difference in the lives of their clients!   From helping a child  say  /g/ correctly as in the word gum  to helping a teen respond to a friend appropriately in a social situation to helping a high school student express his wants and needs through use of an assistive technology device to helping an adult reduce choking episodes to helping an adult improve his vocal …Read More

Response To Intervention (RTI): Quick Tips For Parents

When we see our child struggling in school, we as parents want to help.  Sometimes we are not exactly sure how to go about helping our child and we feel helpless.  There is a support system within the schools known as Response To Intervention (RTI) to help struggling students.  Parents and school staff work together to provide the additional help that is needed for each child to be successful in …Read More